BRC'17 Recap


Case study: The role of mixology in Albert Adriá's new Enigma project

Marc Álvarez
elBarri Group Manager

Create teams, generate fans: Larrumba Group Case Study

Carlos Moreno
Executive Bartender | Larrumba Goup

Reto VIB'17

BRC'16 Recap

The Punch is Back: Back to Basics & The Sharing Culture

Davide Segat
Bar Manager | The London Edition

The World's Best Rum Bars

Ian Burrell
Global Rhum Ambassador

Bar Talks

Craft or not Craft? What the Hell is Craft Rum?

Santiago Bronchales
Robert Burr
Director | Miami Rum Renaissance Festival
Benoît Bail
La Confrérie du Rhum  

José Manuel Quevedo
Destilería Aldea
Víctor M. Fraile

The Secret of Gin's Success: Can it be repeated by the Rum Industry?

Borja Monjero & Miriam Izquierdo
Hendrick's Gin & Tanqueray Brand Ambassadors
Salvador García-Arbós
Epicurean Journalist & Writer


Pre-Batch Cocktails: The Work behind Good Customer Service

Alastair Burgess
Owner | Happiness Forgets

Agricole Tour: What is Agricole Rhum?

Benoît Bail & Jerry Gitany
La Confrérie du Rhum

The Many Disguises and Tricks in Rum

Javier Pulido
Manager | Master of Spirits

The Mixologist as The New Alchemist: Lab Instruments in Bars

Dave Arnold
Founder & President of Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD)

Branding for Bartenders: The Key to Success for Bartenders

Salvatore Calabrese
The Maestro

The Revival of Tiki

Scott Schuder
Owner | Dirty Dick

Rum Tourism: How can Rum Be a Travel Destination

Robert Burr
Director | Miami Rum Renaissance Festival

State of the Rum Industry

Andy Morton
News & Insight Editor | Just Drinks

How to Open a Killer Rum Bar:
Do's and Don'ts

Thanos Prunarus
Owner | Baba Au Rum Bar