The Barcelona Rum Awards is our very own seal of approval awarded annually to the different rum categories by a select group of international and independent professionals.

The BRAwards defining feature is its drive to become the leading instructional guide and trendsetter for professionals. It is also a recognizable and trusted seal of approval for the general public, aiding in their decision to choose a rum. The BRC wants to share the jury’s choice of “rums of the year,” selected for their unique and differentiating qualities.

Jury members

Javier Pulido
Master of Spirits
Benoît Bail
Liqueurs et Spiriteux
Alexandre Vingtier
Rum Writer
Santiago Bronchales
Oenologist, spirits consultant & founder of Blended & Matured
Robert Burr
Founder of Miami Rum Renaissance
Jerry Gitany
Co-founder of Cónfrerie du Rhum
Jean-Paul Bouyat
CEO Bardinet
Oriol Elías
Consultant & Bartender

Participant Contact

The following is our professional team tasked with managing your participation in BRAwards at the BRC'17.
You can contact them to solve any problem or ask any question:

Adriana Rosselló